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Welcome to the Peer-to-Peer Networks WA website, where we provide practical information about peer networks in Western Australia for the disabled community.

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Peer-to-Peer Networks in Western Australia

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Welcome to the Peer-to-Peer Networks WA website, where we provide practical information about peer networks in Western Australia for the disabled community. When you hear the words Peer Network or Peer Network Facilitator this means a group or person with lived experience of disability, who provide support to each other because of similar experiences or circumstances. Peer support can help you feel more confident, knowledgeable, capable and less isolated. Peer-to-Peer Networks WA has several trained Peer Network Facilitators who work individually with people or groups, as well as facilitate workshops, Webinars and Peer Pathway consultations.

Learn More About the Peer-to-Peer Network Project

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About Peer Networks

Our About page tells you more information about the Peer Networks, their purpose and information from peers

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Peer-to-Peer Events

Our Events page is a calendar of upcoming events available in your area, including Peer Network meetings, Webinars and Workshops

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Peer Networks in WA

Our Peer Networks in WA page gives information on Peer Network meetings in your area and why they are good to join.

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Principles of Peer Support

Our Principles of Peer Support page shares our updated operational framework, as well as a little of the history of our project.

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Ask Us Anything

Our Ask Us Anything page showcases the Peer Network Team’s Ask Us Anything series of videos, where your burning questions are answered!

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Peer Network Stories

This page shares good news stories around all things peer networks, showcasing the benefits to people who participate in peer networks.

Visit Other Valued Lives Websites

For more information about Valued Lives, the organisation that facilitates the Peer-to-Peer Network project, or about our Microenterprise project initiative that helps people set up their own microbusinesses, you may like to visit our other sites.

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Valued Lives Website

Learn more about Valued Lives, including who we are, what we do, our vision and values, project, events and more.

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Microenterprise Project Website

Learn about our microenterprise project, which is helping people to become self-employed through microbusinesses.

Upcoming Peer-to-Peer Network Events

Find upcoming Peer-to-Peer Network events and other events run by Valued Lives near you.

You can also browse our full list of events on meetup by using this link.

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Latest Past Events

Microenterprises at the Perth Maker’s Market

Heathcote Reserve 58 Duncraig Rd, Applecross

The Perth Maker's Market is the perfect place for our microenterprise owners to put their talented work on display, and to sell their products to the public. Although we can't […]

Bunbury Peer Network Meeting

Milligan House Child Care Centre 35 Milligan St, Carey Park

Who this meet up is for:People with disabilities and their families who live in the Bunbury area & surrounds When does this meet up run:We meet every 2nd Tuesday of […]

Perth Hills Peer Network Meeting

Brown Park Community Centre Salisbury Road, Swan View

Who this meet up is for:People with disabilities and their families who live in the Hills Area When does this meet up run:We meet on the 2nd Monday of every […]

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Latest Stories & Tips From Your Peers On the Ground

Ask Us Anything Episode Four

Ask Us Anything Episode Four Happy Friday friends! We hope you've had a great day. 😊 This week we have fielded a number of questions about therapy! Check out the video for more. Before we sign off for the week we also want to send a special shout out to all...

Ask Us Anything Episode Three

Ask Us Anything Episode Three Hello everyone! Hope you’re all well this chilly evening ❤️ This week we received a few questions about preparing for first planning meetings and reviews. So we thought we would share some information about something we have...

Ask Us Anything Episode Two

Ask Us Anything Episode Two Happy Friday friends! We hope you are all safe and well, (and if you’re in WA, dry!) If you missed their first video last week, Chloe and Clare from our Peer Network team have created an ‘Ask Us Anything’ video series to answer your...

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