A Pro-Active Peer Networker

Image description: Kristie at an event run by Community Resource Unit in QueenslandIn October of this year Valued Lives sponsored Kristie Hardbottle, Mum of a daughter with a disability to attend the Community Resource Unit (CRU), Queensland’s two-day event “Inspiring, Connecting, Acting for Change – 3 events to mark 3 decades ‘ that took place in Brisbane.

The CRU event held three events over the two days and covered topics such as:

‘Being Realistic Isn’t Realistic: Discovering Potential, Realising Dreams,’ where guest speakers Norman Kunc and Emma Van der Klift drew on their experience of disability, showing how people often get trapped in inefficient habits based on ‘deficit’ ways of thinking about disability. They encouraged a view that people with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities reflect the diversity of the human community.

The second event was a gala dinner celebrating 30 years of CRU, which provided an opportunity to connect and draw inspiration and strength from remembering, in order to look to the future with hope and optimism. The final forum was entitled honouring the Past: Embracing the Future was a one-day forum to honour the past through four rich and inspiring stories.

Image description: Participants at the Community Resource Unit eventKristie returned from this event inspired, providing us with the following stand out points from her two days in Brisbane.

– Listen first, then act for people with disabilities regarding solving and understanding issues
– Most people with disabilities are never asked to help. We need to make sure they are ‘
– Innovation delivers what rehabilitation promises! Look outside the box to solve issues.
– Resented Help vs. Appreciated Help: Was the help needed? Was the help requested? Was a respectful tone and manner used?
– Build trust with people we are supporting, and then we can start to build on possibilities, hopes and dreams. We can see people’s lives come alive and this is when inclusion shines through.
– Reflect on the past and identify what has worked well and what has not.
– The sky’s the limit when it comes to employment opportunities
– If you don’t know, be willing to figure it out. Seek support and help when needed.
– Social inclusion is not just being there.

Kristie, a pro-active, “can do” person and parent who believes participating and engaging with the community is key to achieving great outcomes and is keen to form a Peer Network in Fremantle to support people with disability and/or their families to navigate the NDIS as it rolls out in WA.

If you are interested in being part of the Fremantle Peer Network, please contact Kristie on 1800 844 933 or email .

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