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Peer Networks are a safe place to gather information, support and tips and tricks from your peers.

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A Place of Peer Connection and Practical NDIS Information

Welcome to the Peer-to-Peer Networks WA website; a starting point where you can find practical information about the NDIS and an entry point to connect with Peer Support Networks to help you source that information.

The Peer-to-Peer Networks WA project has been built on peer-led support initiatives that include developing and supporting Peer Support Networks and Peer Pathway consultations, locally and regionally in WA.

Our framework has been co-designed by people with a disability their families/carers. You can read our new framework by following the link to our Peer Support Principles page here.

The project has delivered the following tools with up-to-the minute information and peer support:

The National Alliance of Capacity Building Organisations (NACBO)

The project is an initiative of The National Alliance of Capacity Building Organisations (NACBO), a national network of not-for-profit, values based, capacity building organisations whose members have a shared vision and belief that all people with a disability are valued citizens who have the right to contribute to society through social and economic participation.

NACBO has been operating since 2015 as a consortium. NACBO partners are CRU Queensland, JFA Purple Orange South Australia, Valued Lives Foundation WA, Imagine More ACT and Family Advocacy NSW, who are nationally renowned, peer and consumer-led organisations with a combined national reach to over 20,000 people. NACBO aims to develop and run nationally consistent ILC activities delivered locally Valued Lives Foundation (VLF) is the lead agency for this project.

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Support surrounding Shewani

About Valued Lives Foundation Ltd

We are a peer-led community organisation enabling people to live valued lives in local communities.

Valued Lives Foundation is a peer-led community support organisation operating as a social enterprise since 2013 in Western Australia. Valued Lives mission is to assist people to live valued lives in welcoming communities.

Peer support is the foundation of Valued Lives’ work; believing that people who have shared experiences can offer invaluable knowledge, experience and support to others who are on a similar pathway. Valued Lives hosts peer support networks online and in local and regional communities, led by family members. They facilitate workshops and training around contemporary person-centred approaches, build community and informal networks and promote self-directed supports and services.

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A genuine voice

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Peer support

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