DDWA – Developmental Disability WA – Side by Side Program

Image description: DDWA logoThe “It Takes a Village” event was held at Durham Road School in Bayswater WA last month.

The event enabled participants to hear about supports and services that are available to assist people who are entering the NDIS.

Developmental Disability WA’s Side by Side program presented and provided information for families that have a son or daughter who lives with an intellectual or developmental disability and who has behaviour which can be described as challenging.

Peer support is at the very centre of this program, and people can access supports for themselves, their family, and their son or daughter, in line with their needs from Side by Side.

Valued Lives Peer Network Advisor Ronnie Burkin spoke about Peer Support Networks that are up and running in the local area that people were welcome to attend.

“FLO’s Village “will be a closed Facebook group for people who want to connect up post the event to find out more information:

Contact: for more information.

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